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Edible packaging materials into a new trend of food packaging

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Edible packaging material is a kind of non waste resource type packaging material, which can maximize the use of resources, with the characteristics of environmental protection, which makes it become the future development of the packaging industry, one of the key. Green packaging such as dregs packing paper, packing paper, biological glue coating made of "sugar".

Edible packaging material is a kind of packaging material with network structure formed by the interaction between different molecules, such as natural edible substances, such as polysaccharides, protein, cellulose and so on. As a kind of environmentally friendly packaging materials, packaging materials can be used as food packaging materials or by virtue of a huge development potential and become one of the hot spots in the industry.

Can eat the material

Edible packing material available basic material has many kinds, according to the characteristics of the main raw material, it can be divided into starch, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vegetables such as composite.

Compared with other packaging materials, edible packaging material has the following features: water resistance, can delay the food water, oil and other components of the migration and diffusion; air permeability and anti penetration ability of choice, can effectively prevent the volatilization of flavor substances in food; and have better physical and mechanical properties and easy processing molding; the carrier can be used as food additives such as antioxidants; the edible, no pollution to the environment. It is by virtue of the characteristics of edible packaging materials in order to meet the basic function of packaging, has the following advantages: 1, especially edible, susceptible to microbial degradation, no pollution; the monomer is more suitable for food packaging; some of the nutritional value of edible film, such as whey protein film, soy protein film so high; the food spoilage can prevent caused by migration of food components between the.

Although edible packaging material has many advantages, such as environmental protection, no waste, and so on, but it also has some practical problems. First of all, edible packaging material is more suitable for packaging products, so when the packaging of the products also need to add a layer of packaging, so that it will increase the cost of packaging.

Secondly, the new type of edible packaging materials, as well as a variety of additives and raw materials on the human body is completely safe, but also need to be related to the assessment.

In addition, edible packaging material is mainly made of sugar, fat, protein and other materials, most of them have some water absorption, easy to be biodegradable, so it is easy to mold and decay.

In addition, the edible packaging material is suitable for the packaging of small food and dry food, is not suitable for packaging of food containing water. Finally, edible packaging materials is the use of small organic molecules and natural polymer material by extraction or refine in packaging materials processing, edible industrial conditions, material collection and transportation process if no pollution will be harmful to the human body, to be extra careful.

Can eat the packaging

In recent years, edible packaging by virtue of functional diversity, environmentally friendly, convenient, and can be used for food and other characteristics, for the developed countries of the food industry, new products, new technologies continue to emerge. But in our country, edible packaging has long been used in real life, such as candy, pastry wrapped glutinous rice paper, is made of sweet potato, corn or wheat flour and starch, that is the entrance, and the outer packing is used to prevent adhesion. At present, edible packaging has been involved in a wide range of applications, such as casing, fruit wax, sugar, glutinous rice paper, ice and tablet coating, etc., with a variety of appearance in front of the public.

The 1 residue packing paper

Made of bean dregs packing paper with bean dregs as main raw material, is characterized by a hot water bubble will melt, without tearing the packing. It is launched by a company in Japan, not only convenient, but also has a certain nutritional value, the most suitable for the packaging of fast food noodles.

2 edible packaging containers

Edible packaging containers by the Queensland potato chips in Australia, the company developed and produced, mainly for the packaging of potato chips. The idea is that people in the potato chips, but also the container together to eat. Particularly worth mentioning is that in the production process of the container, but also added to the smoked flavor, barbecue, seafood, as well as sweet, sour, salty, spicy and other flavors of different flavors to meet the tastes of different consumers.

3 konjac glucomannan carrageenan composite edible packing film

The membrane has a certain selective osmosis, can prevent water evaporation, reduce the respiration of fruits and vegetables, reduce the loss of nutrients, and has the role of inhibiting bacteria and mold. It can be used to pack fruit, such as fresh longan, basically can inhibit the Peel Browning and loss of water, to maintain the original quality of longan, to extend the storage period and shelf life.

4 biological adhesive coating packaging paper

This kind of wrapping paper is successfully developed by china. The use of special starch glue and glue additives, adding a certain proportion of the rubber material coated on the surface of the paper. The coated paper can be oil resistant and water resistant, and can be used for the packaging of fast food or food packaging with a certain temperature and moisture.

5 green packaging box made of cane sugar"

Before the day, the French edible sugar leading enterprise CristalUnion announced that it will launch a candy made of candy packaging boxes, for its brand "Daddy". There is no difference in the appearance of the candy packaging box and the traditional chemical packaging box, but the cost has doubled. However, the new packaging can be recycled, is very useful for environmental protection, so, "the ring